Interventional Procedures

Possible complications in diagnostic procedures are similar. These include:

  1. Pregnancy loss:
  • Fetal loss rates are different depending on the procedure and
    1. For chorionic villus sampling (CVS), the loss rate is 1/200 of the procedures;
    2. For Amniocentesis (AFT), it is 1/800 of the procedures;
  • For cordocentesis (PUBS), it is 1/100 of the procedures
  • The causes of pregnancy loss are similar and may be due to infection, amniotic fluid loss, or hemorrhage.
    1. Vaginal water leaks out: This is usually temporary, and the pregnancy is uneventful.
    2. Bleeding: It usually stops spontaneously.
    3. Infection: it is a serious illness with fever in the mother; the pregnancy may have to be terminated.
    4. Contact of the needle with the baby: although this is unlikely, there is no guarantee that it will not happen.
    5. Blood incompatibility: couples with rhesus group incompatibility (mother Rh-, father Rh+) may develop incompatibility due to antibody formation after CVS. To prevent this, anti-D is administered to the expectant mother after the procedure.
    6. Hematoma (blood clot) on the abdominal wall of the expectant mother: it is rare and usually resolves spontaneously.


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