28-32 Weeks (Late Period) Ultrasound Examination of the Fetus

Ultrasound Examinations

Ultrasound examination of the fetus at 28 and 32 weeks is not recommended by all physicians; however, it may be recommended/performed for 2 reasons:

  1. Fetal growth and development are assessed, while fetal anomalies and diseases that can be diagnosed late in pregnancy (brain - microcephaly, heart - valvular stenosis, intestine - distal stenosis of the digestive system, kidney and urinary tract - late stenosis and alterations, skeletal anomalies/dysplasia - short stature and dwarfism) are examined. During the examination, the blood vessels of the mother and child are also evaluated using Doppler Ultrasound examination and detailed evaluation similar to detailed Ultrasound examination. In addition, the placenta is also evaluated in detail and possible positional anomalies of the placenta are evaluated.
  2. It may be recommended for those who have had problems in previous pregnancies; growth retardation or restriction, decrease in water in the baby (amniotic fluid), increase in blood pressure during pregnancy (pregnancy toxicosis - preeclampsia), history of stillbirth, abnormal baby and late diagnosed abnormality or disease history, chronic diseases such as diabetes and blood pressure in expectant mothers.

In this examination, the development and health status of the fetus are assessed based on the following criteria:

  • Adequate growth, weight and movements of the fetus,
  • Screening of late diagnosed / symptomatic anomalies.
  • Head structure and bones, brain – cerebellum and cerebral vessels.
  • Possible masses of the neck and thyroid gland
  • Heart and associated vessels and heart rhythm
  • Chest structure, lungs and diaphragm
  • Abdominal wall, stomach, liver, gall bladder, small and large bowels
  • Kidneys, urinary bladder and sex
  • Assessment of extremities (limbs): Condition of arm bones and hands, leg bones and feet.
  • Measurement of the amniotic fluid
  • Position and appearance of the placenta
  • Assessment of maternal and fetal blood flow by Doppler ultrasound

Length of the cervix

After the examination, the results of the pregnancy and the fetus are shared with the family and reported again. In the event of a case, a new pregnancy care planning is initiated.


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